Popular TikTok Products Of 2020

This year TikTok managed to occupy significant headlines. Still, the app continually seeks supreme engagement, particularly when it comes to product recommendations. Also, the TikTok influencers help the brands buy TikTok likes and make them trending on the platform.

LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights gathered popularity among users as they had enough fun with them. Teens posted videos that showcased their ceilings with attractive lights. Also, the bright lights contributed to enhancing user’s selfie sessions and photo shoots. Also, the users posted tutorials for creating appealing shades like baby blue or lilac. The users can purchase this set from eCommerce platforms, and the set comes along with nearly thirty-three feet of lights, inclusive with remote control for color changing.    

A Hand Blender

Whipped coffee emerged as the user’s favorite drink and was broadly trending among coffee lovers. The caffeinated beverage is made of sugar, milk, and instant coffee. Also, the mixture needs to be whipped hundreds of times until the perfect consistency is achieved. The tutorials for making whipped coffee got trending in the TikTok platform. While most of them go with hand mixing that involves physical effort, hand blenders help the coffee makers to get the same results in nearly less than half the time. The Immersion blender emerged as a suitable tool for the TikTok trend, and it was found to be the fastest in producing whipping cream. The blender consists of a whisk and a beaker measuring twenty-ounce.

The Smart Kup

The quality water bottles have become a fancy accompaniment for most of the teens. Hydro flasks are a little bigger, and the flasks can’t fit in the cup holder in the car. The Smart Kups are three-inch higher fitting in the car’s cup holder got trending in the TikTok platform. The Smart Kups hold the bottle without getting disturbed on turns. Many TikTokers posted pictures with Smart Kups while driving and expressed that it was the best fit for their vehicles.   

Calligraphy Markers

The calligraphy and lettering videos have shifted the TikTok platform by encouraging artists to exhibit their skills. Also, other TikTok users found them relaxed while watching those videos. Creators in TikTok used a collection of fountain pens, inky, or magic markers along with the painting pens. The smart purchase of colorful packs of markers enhances the weekly layouts for the TikTok users. The highlighters are also fun-filled options, come with a wide range of pastels, and are most appropriate for outlining, underlining, and illustrating.

Green Portable Spot And Stain Cleaner

TikTok users posted videos on the astounding performance of portable stain cleaners. The little gadget helps in scrubbing, spraying, and removing dirt with high suction power that can be used in couches, chairs, and more. The portable green model managed in cleaning water tanks too. TikTok users simply posted convincing videos of before and after the usage of the Bissell model.   

Laptop Stand

Most of the users are working from the comfort of their homes. The durable design and user- friendly construction of the laptop stand attracted the TikTok creators. Also, they frequently posted videos describing their pleasing features. The gadget can be purchased online, and it has high remarks among the TikTok users.

Air Fryer

The Chefs in the TikTok platform are quite obsessed with new air fryers. TikTok creators often experiment with gadgets in the kitchen. Also, they share healthy recipes that are prepared by roasting and toasting. The TikTokers completely love the air fryers, and it offers massive capacity and incredible performance. The daring TikTok users post videos of themselves with unthinkable hacks.


Roller Skating emerged as a massive trend in TikTok during the summer. TikTok users, along with their school folks, featured themselves performing astounding stunts. Even the 70s were inspired by the TikTok videos and purchased retro-style pairs to enjoy their skating experience.

Roller Dog Hair Remover

The TikTok tutorials showcased how the roller benefitted from picking up the pet hairs and dirt on couches, apparel, and beds. The surprising feature is that it does not require any power source or batteries. All the user needs to do is keep rolling back and forth on the preferred surface to remove the dirt.

A No-Touch Door Opener

TikTok users featured themselves using crafty tools to use their cards, open doors, and much more. The product also supports limiting the frequency of touch in public places that were more recommended during the pandemic situation.