Fortnite Game Review – What Every Player Should Know

Fortnite Game Review – What Every Player Should Know

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As a game lover, you’re probably looking for the ideal video game that would get you up pumped up, boost your adrenaline level, and make you rethink the meaning of the word fun.

Fortnite is not just the regular video game you play and get bored of; it’s the game that gets you hooked and makes you long for more.

Created by Epic games, the Fortnite video game is available in three game modes — Fortnite: Save the World, Fortnite Battle Royale, and Fortnite Creative.

All three game modes have a similar structure, but the gameplay and storyline are quite different.

Sure, you’d get enough fun and excitement by playing any of the three game modes, but each game mode is designed with a unique storyline and set of challenges.

In the Fortnite Save the World, you get to work with a team of four players. The primary objective is to survive — kill off zombie-like creatures, build fortifications, and protect yourself from other environmental elements.

Fortnite Battle Royale is designed as a free-to-play game. Players compete to be the last man standing. It’s a survival game where you kill and outplay other online players to be the last man.

You’re launched into the game map with other 100 players. The map shrinks with time, forcing you to encounter other players more frequently.

Everyone is your enemy — and your goal is to outplay and kill off anyone that crosses your path. Fortnite Battle Royale is designed to be a brutal world. To succeed, you’ve got to have the killer instinct.

Fortnite Creative is a freestyle game where players have the flexibility to create their dream world. In this game mode, you get to create battle arenas, worlds, and several other in-game structures. It’s the ideal fit for game lovers who would want to explore their creative prowess.

Fortnite Platforms

Fortnite Save the World is available for Xbox One, macOS, Windows, and PlayStation 4 users. The Fortnite Royale Battle is available in all these platforms, and also available for Android, Nintendo Switch, and iOS users.

To play the Fortnite games, you’d need to sign-in with your Epic Game account. Xbox and PS4 users don’t need the game account, their Xbox Live username and PSN would do just fine.

Fortnite Game Modes

The three Fortnite game modes are designed in a similar pattern. They are built with the same game engine, similar game mechanics, and identical graphics. The art asset is almost the same.

Therefore, in terms of game graphics and control, the three modes are quite similar. The difference is seen in the game plot.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite Battle Royale is a player-versus-player game where players compete against one another until the last man standing. In this game mode, players are dropped from a flying bus into the game map. Up to 100 players would compete, and you can either play as a single player or as a team.

Each team is comprised of two, three, or four players. And to survive, you’d have to search for resources like weapons, vehicles, or tools.

During the game, the game map shrinks, forcing players to encounter one another more frequently. This forces you to compete, survive, or get eliminated.

Players usually get a pickaxe as their default tool. During the game, you’d get the opportunity to upgrade your weapon, pick other weapons from dead players, or find more advanced weapons in a random location.

The last surviving player (or team of players) wins.

Fortnite Save the World

It’s a player-versus-environment game where you’ve got to protect yourself against environmental conditions.

Typically, four players would work as a team to accomplish missions and achieve similar objectives.

A fluke storm eliminates about 98% of the human population. The remaining human population is forced to survive. Survivors are attacked by zombie-like creatures (Husks).

Players are assigned the role of commanders. And they have to protect base shelters, search for resources, save survivors, and defend vital equipment that helps you survive in the harsh environment.

Players are also awarded a couple of items during missions. Items like trap schematics, hero characters, and weapons are awarded to players. These items can be leveled up when the player gains experience.

As a player, you’d have to choose a hero — and your hero could be a soldier, a ninja, an outlander, or a constructor.

A soldier is designed for combat; ninjas are for melee combats, constructors are used to build and protect structures, while an outlander is mainly focused on the collection of in-game resources.

Fortnite Creative

Fortnite creative is a typical sandbox game where you’re given the flexibility of creating any in-game structure of your choice.

Furthermore, Fortnite games are designed with an in-game currency — the V-Bucks or Vinderbucks. Players can obtain the in-game currency by completing game missions or merely using real-world funds.

The V-Bucks are usually used to make in-game purchases like buying cosmetics, battle pass, and character models.

Conclusion – Get More Fun With Fortnite

Fortnite is arguably the best video game of the last decade.

Whether you’re playing the Fortnite mobile game, or you merely want to get a feel for adventure and thrill using your Xbox or PC, the Fortnite game is designed to offer all the fun and excitement you desire.

What’s more, there are three game modes — and each of these game modes is cleverly structured to provide a thrilling sensation to all game lovers.

If you’re using a smartphone, you can get started by downloading the Fortnite mobile today.


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