Dominate in GTA V Using These Tips and Tricks

Dominate in GTA V Using These Tips and Tricks

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GTA V is the latest installment from Rockstar Games in their Grand Theft Auto series of games. GTA V is set in the streets of Los Santos which is based on Los Angeles. You control three characters throughout the story mode of the game, they are past criminals returning to their life of crime.

Completion Checklist

For those people who are “completionists” or just those who want to see their overall progress in the game, you can simply go to and go to your profile, select “View Stats” and look for “Checklist.” You should then be able to see your progress towards overall completion of the game, and everything else you need to do in order to fully complete the game.

Police Clearance

If you happen to find yourself with a handful of police, maybe too much for you to handle, try to find the nearest Ammu-Nation store. The cops are likely to follow you in and the store would take out his gun and shoot some of the cops down. This should clear at least a few cops and may buy you just enough time to escape. This trick is very helpful if you are low on ammo or just don’t want to deal with the cops yourself.

Self-Driving Cars

This tip is very useful if you need a certain character to be somewhere but you don’t want to drive all the way to the location. Simply just select the character you wish to move, Franklin for example, and set a waypoint on where the exact location is. After doing these steps just switch over to another character and Franklin will automatically drive to the point that you marked. You can just roam around and create chaos while waiting for the other character to arrive to your desired destination.

Cars Go Boom!

This trick is actually based on real life and it just shows you how much attention to detail was put in by Rockstar Games when they designed GTA V. The fastest way to blow up a car is to shoot its gas tank. The gas tanks in GTA V should be located just above the rear wheels on the left side of the car. Just aim and fire at the gas tanks and KABOOM the cars go.

Easy Robbery, Easy Money

If you sometimes see a blue dot on your mini-map, those are armored cars. You can rob those cars and get a lot of money but be careful because the guards have guns. You would also get a wanted level for robbing the armored car and maybe another level or two if you choose to kill the guards. Luckily, there is an easier method to rob armored cars without getting any wanted levels. For this trick to work you would need a motorcycle and the armored van should be parked. Just drive up with the motorcycle and gently bump the guard holding the briefcase, don’t run over him though because you will get wanted levels if you kill him, bump him just enough so that he will fumble, making him drop the briefcase. Once the case is on the ground, get off your motor and grab the briefcase, the guards will tell you to drop the case but instead just get on your motorcycle again and ride off. If you do everything correctly, you should be able to keep the money without getting any wanted levels.

Squeaky Clean Cars

After all that driving you do around the city of Los Santos, your cars would easily get dirty. The obvious way to clean your car up is to drive it to the nearest car wash and pay a few bucks to get it clean. Luckily, there is a more fun way to clean your car. Instead of driving to the nearest car wash, drive to the nearest fire station. All you got to do is jump inside a fire truck, point the hose towards your filthy car and spray away. This not only saves you a few bucks but also makes your car squeaky clean.

Fast Travel

Another way to travel fast, aside from the trick mentioned earlier, is to just get a cab. Just set a point on your map and call Downtown Cab Co on your phone. But what’s the fun in riding a cab when you can drive and run over a few people instead. Still a good trick to take note though.

Easily Dodging Air Missiles

Later on in the game where you already own some air crafts and happen to find yourself in a situation where you are getting chased by a missile, the best way to dodge them is to go directly at it and then dive at the very last moment. Apparently, missiles can turn left, right, and up very quickly but are not good at going down.

Get Weapon Upgrades For Free

In order to get some free weapon upgrades, you must have an active mission. While in the mission, try to find an Ammu-Nation store and purchase all the weapon upgrades you wish and also purchase a grenade. After buying everything your heart desires, go out of the store and blow yourself up with the grenade. The mission will obviously fail and you would restart, but once you restart you’ll notice that all your money is back and your weapon upgrades should still be there.

The Real Meaning of the Numbers

If you are switching to a character and notice that there are some numbers displayed over their image, this simply shows you the number of available missions for that character. Surprisingly, a lot of people do not know about this.

New Car, New Me

This is a useful trick that some people would know about but I’m still including it because there are some people out there who don’t. When you have a wanted level but manage to get out of sight of the cops, simply transfer to a new vehicle and you can re-enter the cops’ line of sight without them noticing. Just don’t do any crime and your wanted level should decrease after a while.

Rule the Streets of Los Santos

Following these simple tips and tricks will help you a lot as you finish missions or even if you are just roaming around the city. These tips and tricks are optional and are not required to finish the game but are very helpful in certain scenarios and can help you get out of a pickle quickly.


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Dominate in GTA V Using These Tips and Tricks

Dominate in GTA V Using These Tips and Tricks

GTA V is the latest installment from Rockstar Games in their Grand Theft Auto series of games. GTA V is set in the streets of

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